Vision for Intelligent Robots


Weijiang Xiong

Bachelor Student in Mechatronics

Vision4Robotics Group

Tongji University


I am a bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. During my undergraduate study, I focused my interests on Mechatronics, because I realized a robotic system must be a cohesive union of mechanical motion and electronic control. I joined Vision4Robotics Group in Nov. 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Changhong Fu. Currently I’m conducting research on Robot Vision with a concentration on “Correlation Filter for UAV Tracking”.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”. ———— Albert Einstein
I like to explore the internal mechanism of everything I’ve leaned. Because I believe there are always fascinating properties underlying the plain facts.


  • Mobile Robots
  • Robot Vision
  • Adaptive Robot Perception
  • Vision-Based Automation


  • B.E. in Mechanical Design, Manufacture and its Automation, July 2020

    School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University

  • High School, June 2012

    No.1 Middle School in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China

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Online courses I've attended

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Research Assistant

Vision4Robotics Group, Tongji University

Nov 2018 – Present Shanghai, China

Mechanical Teaching Assistant

Center of Digital Innovation, Tongji University

Aug 2018 – Feb 2019 Shanghai, China

Member of Electronic Group

PACE Vehicle Engineering Center, Tongji University

Aug 2018 – Sep 2017 Shanghai, China

Member of Mechanical Group

Super Power Robot Team, Tongji University

Aug 2017 – Sep 2016 Shanghai, China



Matlab, Python, C/C++, Latex

Embedded Systems

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32


AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor


Here I list some of my achievements, including 3 scholarships, 3 awards in mathematical contests and 2 prizes in engineering competitions.

Language Certificates

I took the IELTS exam on 22 June 2019 and got an overall score at 7.5(8.5R/8.5L/6.0S/6.0W). Later on 11 Oct. 2019, I took the GRE and got V160 Q170 AW4.5. You can view my IELTS and GRE score sheet on my website, but some information are edited for security concern.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling

I lead my team and won the 1st Prize in the 2018 Tongji Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Subsequently, my team won the 3rd prizes in the national MCM and Honorable Mention in the international MCM.

Tongji Scholarship for Excellence

This scholarship is awarded annually to students with excellent academic performance. I won 3 prizes in three consecutive years, 1st prize in the academic year 2015, 3rd in 2016 and 2nd in 2017.

Hands-on Engineering Competition

I led the mechanical design of the supply station in Super Power Robot Team. We participated in the RoboMaster Robotics Competition and won the Second Prize of Eastern Sector. I participated in the 2018 PACE competition with my team, and my work centered on the driving module and the visual perception of PEB, and we won the runner-up prize in the PUMA annual forum.

Online Courses

I like to take video lectures online, because they can help me go beyond the limit of the classroom. These are the courses that I value most, and you can find more courses I recommend in my post.



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Deep Learning Course

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Inverted Pendulum

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Learn DL with Pytorch

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PACE is an international collaborative competition. We took part in the PACE 2018 Forum with excellent team mate from TU Darmstadt and …

Supply Station

In Superpower Robot Team, I took the responsibility of the mechanical design of the supply station. My team participated in RoboMaster …


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  • No. 4800 Caoan Road, Jiading, Shanghai, 201804, China